nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

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nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

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nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

Brand New nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

Manufacturer model:

  • Ultra portable – With a folded size of only 16 inches (40cm) wide, 14 inches (36cm) high and 6 inches (15cm) thick, the nomadiQ Grill is ultra portable for adventurers who want to grill where theyve never grilled before.
  • Lightweight – Featuring aluminum die casted parts, the nomadiQ Grill has a total weight of only 12.3 pounds (5.6 kg), making it easy for anyone to carry.
  • Dual Temperature Control – Unlike most portable grills, the nomadiQ is unique with two independent grilling surfaces. Each grilling side can be controlled individually by the knobs positioned on the front. This feature is ideal for foods that require different cooking temperatures, or for simply keeping food warm.
  • nomadiQ Protective Pouch – Features elastic straps to hold accessories included with the grill. Use to avoid scratches and dents. With the soft but strong made fabric you prevent your nomadiQ Grill from being damaged. Use the pouch to safely store your nomadiQ Grill or carry it under your arm anywhere you go.
  • nomadiQ Griddle – The Griddle is made of a light weight die cast aluminum and is coated in a non-stick ceramic coating for easy cooking and cleaning. Simply clean with warm water and a mild detergent.


nomadiQ Grill ✅ TRULY COMPACT AND PORTABLE GAS GRILL TO TAKE ON-THE-GO – Weighing ONLY 12 pounds, the nomadiQ grills are easy to transport and can go anywhere. INCLUDES 2 Drip Trays, Gas Hose/Regulator, Carrying Strap (for easy transport) & Manual ✅ 226 SQUARE INCH CERAMIC COATED NON-STICK GRATES – Grates are easily removable, DISHWASHER SAFE, and rust-resistant. ✅ ALMOST 10,000 BTU WITH DUAL BURNERS – With 2 separate grilling sides, each encompassing almost 5,000 BTU, this BBQ grill allows you to barbecue using only one side or both sides, while controlling their temperatures individually using independently controlled burners. ✅ OPENS AND CLOSES QUICKLY – In 3 simple moves, unlock, open, connect and grill. No Assembly Required! ✅ SOLID AND DURABLE COMPONENTS – The nomadiQ Grill is made from heavy steel construction with a powder coated finish for durability. With stainless steel burners and aluminum grill plates, the nomadiQ grill is built to withstand your most adventurous outdoor activities. Its ELECTRIC PUSH-TO-START IGNITION SWITCH will quickly and reliably fire up your grill anywhere. nomadiQ Protective Sleeve ✅ STRONG AND DURABLE – This protective pouch is made of neoprene. Strong enough to handle your outdoor adventures, while also soft and sleek, this sleeve is made to protect your nomadiQ Portable Grill. ✅ CONVENIENT – This protective sleeve has straps that easily hold the two drip trays and the hose assembly (both included with the grill). nomadiQ Griddle ✅ MORE COOKING OPTIONS – By adding the Griddle to your nomadiQ Grill, you will now be able to expand your cooking options to include foods such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, French Toast, hash browns, and much much more! ✅ CONVENIENT – Coated in a non-stick ceramic coating, cooking on the Griddle is easy and convenient. Light and thin, the Griddle is easy to take on the go, expanding your grilling experience. ✅ QUALITY – The Griddle is made of die-cast aluminium with a ceramic coating.

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nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle

Searching for top outdoor gas grill? There are numerous options whenever it comes to selecting a gas grill like this nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle .

The latest grills are available with multiple burners along with other features that are great that make outdoor cooking easier and more enjoyable.

See the details on this nomadiQ Portable Gas Grill + Protective Sleeve & Griddle now.

Gas Grill Buying Tips

Gas grills are a choice that is popular barbecue enthusiasts. Due to the fact compared to charcoal grills, gas grills are easier to clean. In addition, there are smaller accidents related to the application of gasoline grills and in ten minutes it is ready to barbecue. For those thinking of buying a gas grill or updating up to a fuel grill for grilling, there are always a true number of things to consider before purchasing one. Taking these few recommendations into consideration will make the search quicker and easier, and the grill you purchase will be more satisfying to work with.

1. Three Types Of Gas Grills


These gas grills are the most basic available into the market today. They are reasonable priced starting at $ 150 to $ 300. Entry-level gas grills don't need wood or charcoal and produce their own heat. In relation to this kind of gas grill, it's always best to choose one made of stainless steel for the frame and body that is main.

These gas grills on the other hand are a definite little more expensive but also offer more features compared to gas grill that is basic. Costs for mid-range gas grills range from $ 350 to $ 1150. For these types of gas grills it is best to choose those made by established manufacturers in order to get a good product.
Deluxe Models

These gas grills are the cream of the crop with rates starting at $ 1500 and many models choosing more than $ 5000. High-end gas grills usually take advantage of big BTU ratings as a selling point for them. Nevertheless the brand and materials of the gasoline grill should be the main concern when buying a deluxe model gas grill.

2. Basic Elements Of A Gas Grill

The basic framework of gas grills that are most sold available in the market is rather straightforward. The burners create heat and some form of heat dispersal system is above the burners. Together with all this will be the cooking grates where the food is positioned. The equipment within the hood is exactly what separates a typical gas grill from a gas grill that is excellent. {a gas grill that has at the least two or more specific burners allow for greater heat control. This provides for even temperature on the cooking area thus producing better tasting food. Drippings cannot be avoided when barbecuing, however this causes flare-ups. Specific gas grills include systems to regulate flare-ups and transform it into flavorful smoke to enhance the flavor regarding the food.

3. Understanding BTU

Most gas grills sold on the market usage BTUs as the primary selling of their product. However most individuals don't understand the relevance of BTUs up to a gas grill, let alone the meaning of BTU. BTU stands for British unit that is thermal which indicates the total amount of gas that the gas grill has the capacity to burn. With fuel grills, sometimes less BTU are better since it allows for food to cook more efficiently. Way too much of it can damage the burners and cut quick the full life of the gas grill. But for bigger grills, having greater BTUs is best to be able to pay for the larger cooking area.

4. Check For Solid Construction

It is important to decide on a gas grill with a reliable and solid construction. A poorly built gas grill has the tendency to wiggle and may even once fall apart emerge spot. Avoid purchasing a gas grill that isn't displayed in the sales floor, make sure that there is a display available to find a way to always check out of the stability for the fuel grill before purchasing it. Select a gas grill that is crafted of high-grade U.S. Steel and additionally opt for a gas grill with a baked-on, porcelain enamel finish. Check that the grates are created from either cast iron, porcelain-coated cast iron or aluminum and steel that is stainless.

5. Gas Grill Maintenance

When buying a gas grill it is important to think about the quantity of maintenance needed to keep it running for years into the future. Select a brand of gas grill that provides simple yet comprehensive item information while offering a customer service line that is toll-free. Check if the brand provide trouble-free access to parts and services and also a dependable dealer network.

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